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Breaking: We're looking into reports of an armed person at Del Amo Mall in Torrance.

Police from several agencies are sending officers to the shopping center, said Hawthorne Police Chief Michael Ishii. Police have not confirmed that there was a shooting.  https://lat.ms/2XmW3YT 

Follow our reporters as they cover the incident at Del Amo Mall.
@JamesQueallyLAT is reporting from the office
@CShalby and @r_valejandra are reporting from the mall
@jaclyncosgrove is updating our coverage here:  https://lat.ms/2XmW3YT 

Law enforcement sources said the gunfire broke out near the mall’s food court and that one person was injured. It was unclear the nature of the person’s injury. The victim was taken away by ambulance.


Update: South Bay law enforcement agencies are going store to store, checking possible hiding places and retrieving those sheltering in place.


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