Stephen Wolf @PoliticsWolf @DKElections staff writer covering voting rights, gerrymandering, maps, & poli sci. Get the free Voting Rights Roundup weekly newsletter Jun. 04, 2019 1 min read

Election security is a serious problem, but you should ignore @jennycohn1: For days now, she's harassed & spread conspiracy theories about @JessicaHuseman (see Jessica's timeline). She callously is ok with disenfranchising disabled voters in her pen-&-paper-ballot zealotry

I'm all for trying to secure our election systems from Russian or any hacking, but you lose me the minute you put dogmatism ahead of voting rights, ignore actual election admin expertise, & use your platform on here to harass reporters who don't entertain your conspiracy theories

Pen-&-paper ballots fed into optical scanners aren't bad at all (I love voting by mail!), but they simply don't work for many disabled voters. UF Professor Juan Guilbert developed an open source voting system primarily to aid the disabled years ago 

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