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TY, Brad. This group continues tweeting about me from behind blocks so that I can’t reply. Most people will recognize the cowardice & deception inherent in this tactic. But I’m still concerned about @ProPublica’s sources for its KY story & some of the content. Thread. 1/

On content, I’ve so far found this. 2/

This is @NAACP expressing concern about ProPublica’s (Huseman’s) series against KY’s Democratic SOS. 3/

Huseman has emphasized that two of her sources were Democrats & implied that this means they couldn’t have been politically motivated. But here’s one of them. 4/

5/ Jared Dearing is the other supposedly unbiased source: Jared Dearing.

6/ Meanwhile, Huseman continues to focus on the conflict of interest involving the cyber firm that Grimes (D) hired to audit KY’s insecure election system, while ignoring the conflict involving KY’s actual voting machine vendor and the GOP.

7/ Again, this is Mitch McConnell’s state. He is running for re-election, and Grime’s is both a Democrat & KY’s top election official. Dearing, Griggs, And ProPublica’s reporting has emboldened the GOP to strip Grimes’s powers.

8/ And I have some questions and concerns with ProPublica’s (Huseman’s) reporting that I’ve been looking into off and on for about a week. I’ll continue doing that and post if I find anything more of interest. TY.

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