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What’s really bizarre is that the pro-barcode crowd has all rallied around the notion that no one should question Huseman’s sources or the content of her series about KY’s SOS. And that it’s ok to tweet about the person who asked those questions from behind a block. 1/

David Becker is one of them: 2/

.@JoeBeOne is another. It seems he’s not a fan of backing up his pro-vendor claims with sources. 3/

And Stephen Wolfe just posted this about me from behind a block. Wild guess: he loves barcode voting too. 4/

Notice how Wolfe also doesn’t provide links or screen shots. 5/

I never said Huseman was “in” on a conspiracy theory. I expressed concern that she might have been DUPED by sources she didn’t thoroughly vet. 6/

And I remain concerned. Thread. 7/

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