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A few things here. First, he’s posting about me from behind a block so I can’t reply. Second I never said Huseman was “in” on a conspiracy theory. I expressed concern that she was DUPED by sources she didn’t properly vet. And I remain concerned. See sourced Thread below. 1/

2/ Sourced Thread.

3/ Thread.


5/ Its not just me. The NAACP has concerns about Huseman’s reporting too.

6/ Kentucky elections matter. This is Mitch McConnell’s state. And it was the Democratic Secretary of State that Huseman targeted. Democrats are fair game, but I have these concerns I identified. And blocking the discussion with literal blocks isn’t exactly transparent.

7/ And about voters with disabilities, I’ve always said that they should be allowed to vote with ballot marking devices. But I don’t believe hybrids or the kind with barcodes are a reasonable accommodation bc they’re too insecure. From my article: 

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