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(1 of 3) George Nader has not only been to Prague—he's been charged with a crime in Prague in the past. And Nader had Kremlin contacts while he was working on coordinating a social media disinformation scheme for Trump's campaign. Something about this isn't sitting right for me.

(2 of 3) Nader made his Kremlin contacts in 2012—when he was negotiating an Iraqi-Russia arms deal in Moscow. Putin had just elevated Konstantin Kosachev to the "Rossotrudnichestvo"—the agency "in charge of Russia's public diplomacy." Which was in '12 focused on outreach to Iraq.

(3 of 3) The Steele dossier says a Trump campaign adviser working on a social disinformation campaign went to Prague in August 2016 to meet Kosachev. There's evidence to suggest Nader's campaign dovetailed with the Kremlin's. We always thought it was Cohen in Prague. But was it?

(PS) I'm only saying this is a question worth asking, as *everything* makes sense if it was Nader—not Cohen—in Prague in August '16. Even the date makes sense; Nader began work on the disinfo campaign in early August '16 and stayed in touch with the campaign regularly thereafter.

(PS2) The dossier said Steele's Russian source was certain on the city (Prague) and sort of certain on the timing (August) but it *never* said it was certain about the identity of the Trump agent—especially as that identity was conveyed through "cryptic" messages between sources.

(PS3) Last year there was a major-media report that Mueller had "proof" Cohen was in Prague—then it wasn't in the Mueller Report. The details seemed hazy. But Nader was a cooperating witness then. Okay, here's a crazy thing—that report was from April 2018. 

(PS4) So in April 2018 word comes out that Mueller has "proof" the Prague meeting happened. You know what else happened in April 2018? If I'm understanding correctly, that's when Mueller filed an arrest warrant for...George Nader. Sure—it could be a total coincidence. Absolutely.

(PS5) But the sourcing on it being Cohen in Prague was always hazy—the dossier sources relayed that message via "cryptic" channels, and in April 2018 everyone was like, why would Mueller suddenly leak about Cohen? What if it was Nader all along, and the stories just had it wrong?

(PS6) I say this because—and I do want to say this advisedly—I believe that George Nader checks *every single box* for being involved in a late August 2016 meeting in Prague with Kremlin officials to discuss an ongoing social media disinformation campaign. He checks *every* box.

(PS7) Given, too, this strange confluence of Nader going to the Kremlin right as Kosachev is getting promoted to a Nader-relevant job; the news of "proof" of the Prague meeting coming out right as an arrest warrant is being issued for Nader; it just seems...worth following up on?

(PS8) And in case you're wondering, Nader was so frequently meeting top Trump campaign brass at Trump Tower in August 2016 that him getting one of Cohen's phones would've been no problem, especially if he was supposed to stay in touch with Cohen for illicit out-of-campaign stuff.

(PS9) Anyway, I'm truly just trying to ask questions in a public forum. I don't have a theory and I'm not saying this is what happened. I'm saying that Nader fits the description of the person identified as "Cohen" in the dossier in all but his name. Everything else seems to fit.

(PS10) BTW, the dossier says the meeting in Prague was about paying for a social media disinfo campaign being run on Trump's behalf. What do we know Nader was in charge of as to the social media disinfo campaign he was working on that dovetailed with the Kremlin's? Yep—the money.

(NOTE) We already know Nader set up/attended at least one neutral-site meeting (Seychelles) with one of Putin's top lieutenants (Dmitriev). So in addition to Nader having apparently lived in Prague for years, we should acknowledge he set up campaign-related neutral-site meetings.

(MULTIMEDIA) I think @maddow/@MaddowBlog and I might be on the same wavelength here. 

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