Raman Ksaitor.eth @ksaitor Started @CryptoJobsList when I was looking for a dev job in crypto… now helping 20k+ people get one too! 👨‍💻 Serial maker. Also @BitcoinFear Jun. 04, 2019 1 min read

Spent whole day watching MrBeast.

🛠️ Dont want to be maker anymore
📸 Want to be YouTuber now! With overnight success. With 10M+ views on each vid. And with easy money plz

Slippery slope 📉
- Buy $1k+ camera/mics/light and try to gainz yt subs

Staying real & woke 🚀
- Do what you can, with what you have, where you at.

Your biggest opportunity is always right in front of you, even we tho you trynna stretch ya arms further than you can reach.

think it's eazy? hell no!

- i've already ordered an aputure light
- bought a 2nd mic
- bought an octopus stand
- contemplating getting gopro
- 10hrs+ wasted on yt videos about how to make yt videos

what am i doing with my life? someone savez me plz

Key 🔑 takeaways from @Casey's interview w/ @MrBeastYT:

- Dont give up
- Your gear doesnt matter
- Show your personality. Dont be shy
- Reinvest profits - NOT in yourself & equipment - BUT in your AUDIENCE/CUSTOMERS
- Help people. Like, really, HELP them. Give them money even

- 10x EVERYTHING: people spend 1 hour thinking up ideas and then days executing? Spend days thinking up ideas and months executing!
- "You spent 3yrs and didnt make it? U r just scratching the surface. You've got to put in more hours"

- Everyone is human, got their weakness that we are not ready to talk about
- Put in 10x effort than anyone. One day you'll get noticed. Maybe. It’s still gonna take forever. Do it anyway.

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