Pro tip: If there’s an influential thinker whose writing you don’t understand, find their interviews.

Two examples:
• Marshall McLuhan
• René Girard

Brilkiant thinkers. Terrible writers. But their interviews are crystal clear.

Read them, watch them, and learn from them.

Here’s the best Marshall McLuhan interview 

Here’s the best René Girard interview 

McLuhan and Girard are easy to summarize, but hard to truly understand.

McLuhan: The medium is the message.

Girard: Humans imitate, fight, and sacrifice to restore the peace.

You must grasp their ideas intellectually *and* emotionally.

Then... they’ll change your life.

McLuhan and Girard aren’t meant to be understood, but experienced.

They don’t give you knowledge. They change your perception instead.

(h/t @daveeed)

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