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The rzn I’ve been writing about election security for the past two years is bc I discovered that most of the media & most EI “professionals” were underplaying security concerns & giving a green light to crappy new equipment. These people have decided to fight back, not by...1/

... doing a better job and communicating about these concerns with the public, but by attacking me and consoling each other. 2/

As if their feelings or mine is what matters. It’s the security of our elections that matters and they still are doing a sh&tty job. How many of the folks attacking me have engaged in a thoughtful discussion about hybrids? 3/

4/ How come they aren’t spending this time trying to warn the public about barcode voting systems with abbreviated text summaries that the Academies says are virtually unusable for verifying voter intent?

5/ What the Hell is wrong with them? What led them to believe that they should be able to make recommendations and decisions about OUR elections w/o having to answer to our questions and concerns? 

6/ Case in point.

7/ And if these people were doing such a bang-up job, how come I (a relative newbie) was the first to write articles on the concerns with the new barcode voting systems and the new hybrid machines?!

8/ My September 2018 article about ES&S’s ExpressVote hybrid: 

9/ One of my early barcode BMD articles.

10/ And @politicswolf is the type of irresponsible journalist I had in mind when I wrote this sourced piece. 






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