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2015: Take him seriously but not literally.

2016: Trump's rough edges are just a strategic style

2017: He's about to pivot, just watch

2018: Look, you all knew what he was when you elected him

Not only CAN we impeach him, we ought to never stop impeaching him. We should impeach him until he leaves office, and then we should impeach him until his final breath, and then we should impeach him posthumously.

Trump's impeachment should be an eternal flame within Congress.

We should construct a machine that exists only to perpetually impeach Donald Trump, as a reminder of what he is and what the Republican Party and our institutions are comfortable with

By 2025 we should make sure it's the only machine on the planet that still runs on fossil fuels

But to return to that horseshit op-ed, recognize it for what it is: the next phase in an abuser's bag of tricks.

I'd never do that
I'm not doing it right now
This isn't happening
You're lying that it happened

And then

Look there's no stopping it.
It's just the way things are

And they're doing the same thing now with climate change

They do the same thing with everything

Fuck them

Fight everything they stand for

Bring consequence for their abuses

Ignore their complaints

Don't seek their permission

Don't compromise

This is absolutely right, and describes a society based primarily in abuse and enablement.

All an abuser wants is the ability to continue the abuse without consequence.

Which makes consequence important

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