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I would take this clickbait thread with a grain of salt - buried deep in which he admits YouTube has been cracking down on this practice. And nowhere does he ascribe any responsibility toward parents of “semi-nude” kids who post such videos. In fact some parents post such videos.

2. So these are not unwitting families of “semi-nude” kids being exploited but families that know exactly what they are doing by posting such videos and exploiting their kids for clicks, fame, subscribers and ad revenue. Of course the NYT piece doesn’t pursue that angle.

3. It’s fashionable for many journalists to attack tech companies because the black/white portrayal of good vs evil in such stories sells more click$ for their publishers. Nowhere does the piece highlight the immense educational value of YouTube benefiting millions globally.

4. This Guardian piece does a somewhat better job of exposing parents who exploit their kids on YouTube and social media for easy fame and money 

5. Parents are raking in millions on YouTube but there’s a darker side to the show they put on. YouTube monitors for signs of abuse: In 2017 it removed a family channel called DaddyOFive that involved a couple allegedly abusing/humiliating their children. 

6. Now imagine if he had started the thread by saying, “YouTube cracks down on parents who exploit their children for revenue by gaming its algorithm” but nope, blaming a tech company’s algorithm is a lot easier than blaming and shaming exploitative parenting.

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