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Turns out the Trump balloon was slashed today at London protests by Amy Dalla Mura, aka 'Based Amy'. She was subsequently arrested.

Amy Dalla Mura has a long history of livestreaming protests outside Parliament, and is a regular at Far Right protests across the country.

In March she was removed from the Parliamentary lobby when she approached Anna Soubry MP, calling her a 'traitor'.

Later, at the end of March, Amy was bodily removed from Parliament by police, presumably due to her earlier approach to Soubry.  https://youtu.be/TSWW_YdGsKU 

Undeterred, she was the woman who approached David Davies MP and harangued him with an amplified microphone headset for some time, calling him a 'traitor', less than a month ago.  https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/politics/2019/may/22/tory-mp-david-davies-called-traitor-while-giving-interview-outside-parliament 

Amy states she is disabled, claiming benefits. However, she also holds a number of crowdfunding accounts, that she uses to make the regular, weekly journeys to London to protests. It is not known exactly how much she receives each month.

Due to the fact she's now bringing a knife to protests, the question needs to be asked - why hasn't she been excluded from Parliament and other protest zones?

Her fellow 'Yellow Vest', James Goddard, has a far shorter record of intimidation, but is banned from London.

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