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A bill making the Holocaust part of Oregon’s public school curriculum is set to become law thanks a campaign waged by 14-year-old Claire Sarnowski.  https://lat.ms/2WeeddE 

Claire Sarnowski was in fourth grade when she heard Holocaust survivor Alter Wiener speak to students about the family and friends he lost to the Nazis. It was his dream that all students would be required to study the Holocaust.  https://lat.ms/2WeeddE 

Both Sarnowski and Wiener testified in favor of Holocaust education before a state legislative committee. Sarnowski wept as she described bullying, prejudice and stereotyping at school — and the lessons the Holocaust can offer seven decades later.  https://lat.ms/2WeeddE 

There’s a strong presence of white supremacist groups in the Northwest. In particular, white supremacist groups are growing because of fears that the country’s racial makeup is changing.  https://lat.ms/2IlbKct 

The Holocaust education bill comes as awareness of the Holocaust is fading. A study recently found that two-thirds of Americans 18 to 34 did not know what the Auschwitz concentration camp was.  https://lat.ms/2WeeddE 

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