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Migrant children at the border increasingly find themselves stuck sleeping on concrete benches or outside at Border Patrol stations while HHS is close to exceeding its capacity, according to US government officials and documents reviewed by @NBCNews.  https://nbcnews.trib.al/lCwGl80  (1/5)

HHS is operating at 97% capacity, far over its designated "red zone" of 90%.

DHS officials have warned that there will be more deaths of children at border stations if HHS does not increase capacity. HHS contends that its hands are tied without more funding from Congress. (2/5)

As of May 31, 1,448 unaccompanied migrant children had been in Border Patrol custody more than 72 hours, according to data reviewed by @NBCNews. Of those, 333 were under the age of 12, including infants and toddlers. (3/5)

Officials say some children there have had to sleep on concrete slabs or even outside as they wait to be processed.

Once at an HHS facility, children sleep in bunk beds, attend school and are assigned social workers who check in about their well-being and case status. (4/5)

"To help estimate capacity needs, we are in daily contact with DHS regarding numbers of children being referred to HHS for care with priority given to minors pending placement," an HHS spokesperson says. (5/5) #NBCNewsThreads

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