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It's hard to believe that we are still hashing out the dumb talking points about the Carter Page FISA, but here we are. I recommend the two following excellent articles that provide some *actual facts* behind the two false legal claims made concerning the Page FISA order. To wit:

1. The first is the idea that because the intel provided by Christopher Steele was linked to the Clinton campaign, it was *de facto* illegal for the FBI to use any of it in its FISA app. Not true. Read @OrinKerr's great analysis of how "actual law" works 

2. The second is the bizarre idea that "verification" of source material in a FISA application means the FBI has to hunt down the source's sources and get the info directly (what would be the point of having a source?). @normative clears that up here 

BONUS READING: This is in @normative's piece above, but the extra-dumb talking point that the Steele Dossier was, according to Comey, "salacious and unverified" referred only to the pee pee tape, not its entirety, as Mueller explains in Vol. II, fn. 112 

P.S. I realize the above isn't going to convince the Kool Aid Mafia, but hoping that you all and maybe the media can keep these pieces in your back pocket to respond (and hopefully saturate information space) with real facts to the same tired bogus claims

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