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Listen to @OnTheMedia's recent episode "Climate Obscura," with incisive reporting by @KateAronoff on the Trump White House's suppression of climate warnings and @JaneMayerNYer on the right's long game.

Plus: Fascinating segment on "anthropocene" epoch. 

That show's sobering final segment delves into the scientific movement to designate a subdivision of geological time acknowledging how profoundly human beings are fundamentally changing the planet.

Climate's partly on my mind today because tomorrow, I'll be reporting from @CFR_org's New York office, where @GovInslee will be delivering an early morning speech on the climate crisis at 7:45 a.m. EST.

More on that soon, for @CourthouseNews.

That afternoon, I'll be back in SDNY for a hearing about the new allegations of perjury and cover-up in the #2020Census case. Full day ahead.

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