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30 years ago today, the Chinese army brought a bloody end to weeks of student-led protests centered on Tiananmen Square.

The only commemoration of the massacre’s 30th anniversary to take place on Chinese soil was held in Hong Kong’s Victoria Park.  http://ow.ly/8qIz30oSSbp 

In Beijing, authorities took preemptive measures months before the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests to thwart activists who might try in some way to observe the anniversary.  http://ow.ly/dVY430oSUMj 

Tiananmen Square massacre survivor Fang Zheng remembers the feeling of being dragged along the ground by a tank.

For him, the trauma of the day the Chinese army turned on its citizens is worsened by knowing the truth has been buried in mainland China.  http://ow.ly/yIiM30oSUtR 

Thirty years after China sent armed troops to crush pro-democracy protests in Tiananmen Square, the party-state is cracking down on a new batch of young activists, many of whom have grown up without any knowledge of 1989.  http://ow.ly/wL3E30oSUDM 

Former @latimes bureau chief David Holley covered the Tiananmen massacre on the ground 30 years ago, coming within bullet range of soldiers.

This is his memory of the experience:  http://ow.ly/zCsu30oSUOP 

In Newberry Springs, CA, a 62-year-old Chinese dissident is building his tribute to “Tank Man,” the still unidentified man who in 1989 stared down a line of Chinese tanks during the Tiananmen Square crackdown.  http://ow.ly/Mbj730oSUTT 

“...the years since the Tiananmen Square protests have shown us that progress toward liberty and democracy is not inevitable,” the Times editorial board writes (via @latimesopinion)  http://ow.ly/C1G530oSV0b 

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