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I'm gonna say something that might be a little against the grain, but I would say to absolutely listen to Olly, because while I intimately understand the perspective of not being listened to, cis people speaking out takes a little bit of that burden off of me and mine.

I'll be honest with you, engaging with transphobic rhetoric takes a toll. If you're a trans person, and you're trying to speak out about transphobia, some of the stuff you have to be exposed to and talk about cut right to the bone. It freakin' GETS to you. Badly.

And this is absolutely not to undercut anything Kat Blaque has said in her latest video (which if you've not seen, you should drop everything and watch now), because god damn did I relate hard. She's absolutely right, and it sucks not to be listened to and believed.

But I'm gonna let you in on something...

I *hate* having to speak out. I never intended being a voice speaking out against transphobia, and I'll be completely blunt, I resent it. But being trans, I don't really have much of a choice. I am Adam Jensen and I never asked for this.

Literally me. 

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