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There has been an iteration in YC’s culture over the past few years driven primary by our founders both new and old. Last night was a special moment in that process.

and @jgebbia gave the first talk of the YC summer 2019 batch. After telling the founding story of Airbnb - they shifted topics to talk about how companies should take a wider view of their purpose on earth.

For many years CEOs have been solely accountable to their shareholders/investors. This has caused them to let their products be used in ways that do not make the world a better place.

But there is a new view that is starting to take hold. One where employees, customers, and society are seen as company stakeholders as well.

Successful 21st century founders are realizing that their **company** will be the project that has the most impact on the world (not the foundation they run in their retirement) and they are starting to ask themselves if they like the impact their company is creating.

Many new YC founders over the past couple of years have started to create companies not just to become wealthy but to solve and important problems in the world.

There are YC companies now targeting fair access to education, affordable housing, criminal justice reform, access to government services, fair elections, and far more.

The parting message that @bchesky and @jgebbia left to our founders last night was that they wished they put more thought into their vision for how Airbnb could help society 10 years ago when they were a small startup just entering YC.

They encouraged everyone in the room to think about this now when their company is small and easy to change.

To all startup founders out their: your startup might just be the most forceful thing you ever create. Make sure it is a force for good.

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