Max Kennerly @MaxKennerly Trial lawyer by day. Cookie monster by night. Jun. 05, 2019 1 min read

Indeed. Sometimes YouTube channels will have spikes from content going viral offsite, but most of the growth in subscribers and views comes internally on YouTube via recommendations and search results. AFAIK, no one outside YouTube has seen this data. /1

Here's some example generic-phrase search results. According to @YouTube, Steven Crowder is an expert in information technology, gender studies, medieval history, and the Quran.

(This is in incognito mode and not logged in, so these are the default YouTube results.) /2

It would be nice to see House @EnergyCommerce (chair, @FrankPallone) or the Communications subcommittee (chair, @USRepMikeDoyle) subpoena YouTube for their recommendation & search result data and then ask them about the effects, what really drives it, and why.


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