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Whoah! This is fascinating. Julian Wheatland, ex-Cambridge Analytica chairman, resigned today from Emerdata, the CA spin-off. And look what else is new: company's registered address now Griffin Law. Firm owned by scandal-prone Brexiteer & founder of Thatcher Centre, Donal Blaney

...Donal Blaney tied up in ALL sorts of things. He was head of the Young Britons Foundation, an offshoot of the Young America's Foundation, a Koch brothers-funded think tank that aimed to educate young people on "traditional values, limited government & Judo-Christian values"...

...and ALL sorts of people involved with the Young Britons Foundation, including Steve Bannon's right-hand dude, Raheem Kassam. And Matthew Richardson, ex-general secretary of UKIP & - so Andy Wigmore told me - Robert Mercer's man-in-London...

Remember the Tory bullying story? The tragic story involving the suicide of a young Tory activist, Elliott was the Young Britons Foundation and Blaney's Conservative Way Forward who were implicated in that..

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