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Let's be clear; TERFs operate from a position of privilege.

Trans people are getting suspended for using a meme, not because anyone seriously believes it's a thread, but because they had the institutional power to drag representatives of Twitter before Scottish parliament.

When TERFs barged to the front of London pride parade last year, they were flanked by police who according to first-hand accounts, threatened to arrest trans people who shouted at them to f**k off. They wield that institutional power like a cudgel against a marginalized minority.

These are folks who are prominent voices in academia, editors and journalists and columnists, authors, they have celebrities who act as mouthpieces for them, and they are handed megaphones by media in the UK to regurgitate their hateful rhetoric.

For clarification.

There is no parity here, TERFs wield an enormous amount of power and privilege, that which they use to call trans people parasites, constantly call us misogynists, rapists, child abusers and pedophiles from their bully pulpits. 

The stated goal of their ideology is to solve the "problem" of transgender people by mandating us out of existence. Let me repeat that.


They are an openly exterminationalist hate group that wants trans people *GONE*

The rhetoric they use is all in service of that goal, the constant slurring of trans people as threats; as rapists and child abusers? It's to invite stochastic terrorism against us. They quite openly wish us dead, they have done for decades, please understand this cis allies.

They want us stripped of our rights so that we cannot exist in the world as trans without the threat of violence and criminalization, they want us stripped of our access to healthcare so we cannot medically transition and exist as physically trans and have no bodily autonomy.

And make no mistake, TERFs implicitly understand that stripping trans people of access to healthcare; of the ability to alleviate dysphoria, will end in suffering and death. They absolutely count on it, it's how they want to exterminate us.

I need cis allies to understand that these are the stakes for us.

Regardless of their ties to the far right, they were always a group that is extremely powerful and privileged compared to trans people, and they want us dead. That is their end goal. Those are the stakes.

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