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When @Oprah appeared on Ellen's coming out episode in 1997, she got more hate mail than any other time in her career

I'll never forget this moment on her show when an audience member said she shouldn't have appeared on Ellen's coming out episode

This was 22 years ago...

2. In 1988, on the first National Coming Out day, @Oprah hosted an episode of her show featuring gay and lesbian people coming out.

This was just the second year of her show. She was famous and had some power, but not Oprah Book Club power.

This was risky...

3. In 1989, when over 70% of Americans thought homosexuality was wrong (forget about marriage/adoption), @Oprah hosted an episode about same-sex couples having children.

Oprah gave gay and lesbian people a national platform to be heard and understood.

4. In 1991, when over 70% of Americans were against same-sex marriage, @Oprah hosted an episode of her show about same-sex marriage

I want to know who the two women audience members are that stood up. If you know them, let me know

This episode helped so many gay/lesbian people

5. Another clip from the 1991 @Oprah episode on same-sex marriage. I remember this episode so well.

Oprah provided such a wonderful and safe environment for gay and lesbian people.

These messages of love and hope are so remarkable, especially when you consider the time.

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