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Saudi Arabia is a sovereign nation that can buy arms from any country that best helps meets its security needs. If Congress blocks US arms sales (which will foolishly hurt US employment in defense sector) to Saudi Arabia, they can always buy from China, Russia, France, Germany…

2. Since US won’t sell this arms tech to Saudi Arabia, but China will, Saudis will buy from China, in the process bolstering the Chinese arms industry. Saudis are in talks with Russia to build nuclear reactors to power industry on non-fossil fuel sources.

3. Interestingly, Saudis are investing billions of dollars in China, India and Pakistan which are geopolitical rivals of each other. The Saudi Crown Prince is attempting to play the peace broker by doling out cash and oil and keeping war at bay. 

4. China and India are arch rivals, yet Saudi Arabia is investing heavily in both countries that in turn rely heavily on Saudi oil to power their economies. India relies on remittances ($250B since 2000) from its citizens who work tax-free in Saudi Arabia.

5. Since Congress won’t sell missiles to Saudi to defend against Iran but China will, Saudis will buy from China (or Russia). US journalists don’t get this simple fact and continue to spin up sloppy conspiracy theories to sell clicks for their papers.

6. This story is another example of why media outlets keep collapsing in the US and why reporters keep getting laid off - they don’t understand geopolitics, don’t get the larger picture, so peddle conspiracy theories that do little to educate the public.

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