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If YouTube started censoring one form of content (guy mocking LGBT people) it would then open the door to being pressured into censoring all other kinds (guy selling anti-Trump t-shirts for example) of content. So what’s the answer? Hit back with better content, for one.

2. YouTube hosts millions of pieces of invaluable, educational content, helping millions of people around the 🌎. We have to find better ways of dealing with “offensive” and “extremist” content by…raising better humans? Requiring parents to undergo training on how to raise kids?

3. Religion was invented to check people’s worst impulses - since it’s passé to be religious anymore (or admit to being religious) perhaps we need a universal set of commandments for the digital age - such as, “post no gossip”, “attack not your fellow human on social media”…?

4. I mean, you’d think the guy who describes Tucker Carlson as a “white supremacist” in his *Twitter bio* (!?) and uses his sizable platform to attack others would have a thicker skin when insults are hurled his way.

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