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The modern popular left-wing movement:
- pro censorship
- anti free speech
- anti humour
- pro violence (in the 'right' direction)
- pro racism (in the 'right' direction)
- pro giant corporations
- anti border control
- pro abortion
- anti tolerance

When did it all go wrong?

If I were a decent, normal Liberal I'd be very annoyed.

The right-wing will continue to gain steam globally as long as the other side continues to lose the plot, their morality and their decency.

Where that leads I don't know, but it's what's happening.

It's healthy to have both political 'sides' being functional and reasonable. They can see each other's blind spots...

It's far from the end of the world but the current situation isn't great in my estimation.

Trying to build bridges gets you attacked even. 🤷🏿‍♂️

IF conservatives and libertarians start to rally mobs to attack people physically, condone violence, play insane identity politics, deplatform opponents and try to shut down people's ability to earn a living, then I will call that out too.

Until then though...

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