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In Palm Springs, architects, designers and craftsmen are working to restore Bob Hope's legendary estate.  https://lat.ms/2Im8EVW 

While John Lautner envisioned a residence that blended in with the surrounding rocky landscape, Bob and Dolores Hope had other ideas. They were Hollywood royalty and wanted a home to reflect that status.  https://lat.ms/2Im8EVW 

When the house was completed in 1980, Lautner walked away dismayed. The desert residence was considered as a footnote, rather than a highlight, in a distinguished career.  https://lat.ms/2Im8EVW 

Thanks to the deep pockets of venture capitalist Ron Burkle, the house is being remade to reflect the architect’s original vision. Read more from @tinadaunt on the restoration of Bob Hope’s Palm Springs estate:  https://lat.ms/2Im8EVW 

Behind the story: What did it take for @tinadaunt to get the scoop on the restoration of the Bob Hope house? Persistence, patience and a little luck.  https://lat.ms/2Irm8iY 

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