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If you’re “economically nationalist” and “socially conservative” (whatever that means) foreign investment will not trickle in - companies like Facebook, Twitter, Uber, Lyft, Slack, Apple, Amazon cannot survive without foreign investors and a globalized workforce/supply chain.

2. Foreign workers via their labor contribute hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue annually to US companies - which translates into tax revenue for US communities (school systems, infrastructure); US directly benefits from a globalized workforce.

3. Now, some states can choose to take in all this foreign revenue from a globalized workforce and pass “socially conservative” laws but they’d be shooting themselves in the feet if companies respond by relocating to more “socially progressive” states.

4. There’s a reason mega US companies like Apple, Airbnb, Amazon, Uber, Tesla, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Starbucks, Slack were all birthed/raised in “socially progressive” (so-called Blue states) - these states are viewed as more welcoming by immigrants and foreign investors.

5. Investors and CEOs not only need lots of foreign capital and a diverse workforce (crucial as tech advances) but a *stable social environment* where workers can focus on building game changing companies instead of fearing government crackdowns.

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