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As things are starting to calm down a bit now, a few stats.

These are across the entire thread, and don't include additional interactions:

👁 Impressions: 1,071,807
💙 Likes: 5,073
♻️ Retweets: 2,302
👥 Followers: ⬆️440

The coolest thing was to see people tell their stories, sharing what they're working on, that doesn't fit the usual VC backed narrative.

By looking at the poll you can see that at least 526 of you want to see more of these kinds of stories:

Ok, so this led to a mention of Unubo in the press. Had a nice chat with @JasonAbbruzzese from NBC News, about the craziness of the pogo stick startup, and generally about what it's like to gain media attention these days:


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