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At the Guédelon medieval construction site in central France, the year is 1250.

Workers are recreating a 13th century castle from scratch with the methods and materials in use in the Middle Ages.  https://lat.ms/31fKepG 

On site, quarrymen in rough linen tunics hew massive chunks of sandstone from the earth. Stonecutters chip and shape limestone from a nearby quarry, with hand-forged tools. Ax-wielding carpenters hack at tree trunks to create the castle’s roof beams. 📸: @kiranridley

Guédelon has become a major tourist attraction, drawing 300,000 visitors and hundreds of volunteer workers every year. 📸: @kiranridley  https://lat.ms/31fKepG 

The traditional skills being rediscovered at the Guédelon medieval construction site are in demand for the reconstruction of Notre Dame cathedral, ravaged by fire in April. 📸: @kiranridley  https://lat.ms/31fKepG 

Even before the Notre Dame fire, there were plans at Guédelon to open an artisan trades school offering a fully-recognized diploma in historical renovation.

Post inferno, it may be even more necessary.  https://lat.ms/31fKepG 

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