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What an absolute horror show.  https://qz.com/1626803/ice-struggles-to-contain-spread-of-mumps-in-its-detention-centers/ 

About halfway through, we get this: "'What doctors are seeing is the downstream consequences of terrible policy distorted by partisan politics,' said Irwin Redlener, a pediatrician advising the Department of Homeland Security" GAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! 🤬🤬🤬

Hey, @IrwinRedlenerMD. Thank you for your work caring for children, sincerely. But when communicating to the public, you should strive for clarity. It is not "partisan politics" producing this situation, it is THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. It is identifiable humans, not some abstraction.

The US professional classes, most of whom probably qualify as center-left, have a resistance to placing political responsibility on one side or the other that is just ... baffling to me in its depth & resilience. It seems to override evidence, common sense, everything.

I mean, if the situation at the border is not clearly the responsibility of the GOP, then the word "responsibility" has no f'ing meaning.

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