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Brutally wrong, you mean. Ask the customers about Uber’s benefits - the ones who got home safe after a night of drinking instead of risking driving; the ones who lived in areas undeserved by public transportation; ones who Ubered to work even when they lacked a car or a license.

2. Uber is not perfect but in less than 10 years they’ve revolutionized how people commute - taxi companies could’ve done this, but they were smugly resting on their medallions. And soon you’ll have autonomous ride-sharing because of likes of Uber.

3. Uber has been especially beneficial to new (and old) immigrants who would’ve otherwise found it hard to get jobs in corporate America due to language barriers or due to discriminatory hiring practices many immigrants often face when attempting to find office jobs.

4. In cities like New York, 9 out of 10 drivers are immigrants and approximately 54% are responsible for providing more than half of their family incomes. In NYC, the number of drivers for ride-hailing services grew 10 times faster than the rate of blue-collar employment!

5. For many immigrant drivers, Uber is a lifeline. So the next time you ride in an Uber, be nice, tip your driver well. She or he is often working much harder than your typical server or bartender, by taking on enormous amounts of stress driving in a city.

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