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When you realize you're standing under the wrong belly...

2. A follower asked me this question earlier today. What led the baby elephant in the video above to suddenly come to attention and run toward its mother. While I don't know for sure it could be one of a few things...


-- Elephants have the best sense of smell in the animal kingdom

-- Elephants communicate with each other through low frequency or infrasounds that can't be heard by the human ear

-- Elephants hear communication through their feet.

4. Elephants have the best sense of smell in the animal kingdom. Even better than dogs. All of what I'm about to mention is done through no training, this is just what elephants have naturally. When Angola was mired in conflict, Elephants learned to avoid land mines through smell

5. In the past, Elephants in Kenya have shown that they can detect the difference, by using their sense of smell, between people from the Maasai tribe (who have been known to spear elephants) and people from the Kamba tribe who do not spear elephants.

6. So it's very possible that baby picked up the scent of its mother. Another possibility is that its mom called him using a low frequency sound that humans can't hear and that couldn't have been picked up by the video filmed.

7. Baby could have detected a message through its feet. 🐘 can pickup messages from each other from miles away. 🐘 matriarchs have been known to guide their herd to water holes based on receiving messages from other matriarchs who were guiding their herds to leave the water hole

8. This is true! Combine this messaging system with the fact that elephant matriarchs remember watering holes and food sources they visited decades earlier and you elephants have a great system for surving hard times.

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