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My apologies to @DineshDSouza for misreading the weirdly narrow terms of his challenge.

He said he'd "take it back" if anyone could provide a Republican slaveowner from 1860 specifically, but I named a Republican slaveowner from 1861.

So here are two examples from 1860 exactly.

First of all, as @arothmanhistory and @Stephen_A_West both noted, there's Francis Blair, who in 1860 was a member of the Republican Party and who in 1860 owned slaves.

In 1860, exactly.

Here's documentation of his slaveowning from July 4, 1860.

Second, as I noted earlier, using this passage from @HC_Richardson's history of the GOP, To Make Men Free, Robert Breckinridge of Kentucky was also a member of the Republican Party in 1860 and he also owned slaves in 1860.

So that's two men who were (1) Republicans in 1860 and (2) slave-owners in 1860, in addition to my original HUGE MISTAKE of providing an example of a Republican slave-owner from the very very different year of 1861.

Man, I can't wait to find out why they don't count either.

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