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By the way, the reason I've been talking about this the last couple of days is that while there's a lot that's been made about TERFs links to the religious right, especially the newer groups, it's important to understand one thing:

TERFs are heinous all on their own.

It is very important to understand their alliances with religious fundamentalist groups like the Heritage Foundation, Alliance Defending Freedom, Hands Across The Aisle, etc, are *not* the reason TERFs are hateful bigots. Without those links, they are still a vicious hate group.

Don't get me wrong, it's absolutely important to keep highlighting those links, and highlight that TERFs are working towards a conservative, religious agenda to roll back LGBT rights and reproductive rights. Definitely don't stop pointing those links out. 

Transphobia is a wedge issue for a much wider reaching fundamentalist agenda, but...

The transphobia in and of itself is morally repugnant, hateful, and should be opposed. The hatred and bigotry directed towards trans people from TERFs should be enough reason to oppose them.

TERFs are morally reprehensible because of their anti-trans bigotry, their cruelty, their unrelenting harassment and abuse, their aims and goals to mandate trans people out of existence. That is why they are a hate group, not because of their alliances with other hate groups.

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