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Poor confused @DineshDSouza challenged people to provide examples of Republicans who owned slaves in 1860, and we've done just that.

You said you'd "take it back" if people provided evidence of a single Republican slaveowner in 1860. Take it back.

Here's the evidence from @arothmanhistory for the clearest example, Francis Blair.

According to the US slave schedule of 1860, Blair owned slaves.

According to the Republican convention of 1860, Blair was a delegate there.

So, @DineshDSouza, take it back.

Honestly, it's just getting sad at this point.

Ah, D'Souza has declared our examples "invalid" because of ... reasons.

Hard to argue with that.

Sssh, we got a perfect game brewing here.

I can't handle the tension. Nobody jinx it!

(nervously eating sunflower seeds in the dugout)

"Technically right," also known as "right."

Looking forward to Dinesh taking back his claim that there were no Republican slaveowners in 1860, as he is surely a man of his wor-- dammit, I almost made it without laughing.

Dammit, he blew the perfect game in the ninth. Still, this is an impressive ratio.

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