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Dear cis allies, please take a moment out of your day and watch this. Trans people, feel free to sit this one out, you know the kind of hate this is, you don't need to see it. But I want cis people to hear TERF rhetoric straight from the source, what they actually say about us.

Trans people, mute this thread. Go get yourself a nice cup of coffee, chill out and play some games or something, you deserve a break.

But cis folks? Pull up a chair, 'cos we're gonna unpack some extremist rhetoric once you've finished watching that hate screed. Sitting comfy?

TERFs often claim that we are lying about them or otherwise misrepresenting them, but we are often mild in our descriptions of their transphobic rhetoric, the reality is often worse, laced with deeply sexualized language that's very deliberate in its goal to incite hate and fear.

There is perhaps no more monstrous dehumanization than to paint someone's very existence as a sexual act; as "getting it up" as it's put in this video. When we are described as practicing sexual voyeurism by existing in public life, that rhetoric invites violence. Deliberately.

And no matter how mundane our lives may be, no matter how ordinary and boring we may be as individuals, if people believe we're acting for sexual gratification? Well...

I wrote a thread about stochastic terrorism last year, and what exactly that means.

Just listen to how we are described as being a "men's sexual rights movement" and how it is stated that we "use children" and you can see a very clear suggestion that's being made. It is less overt than a lot of other TERFs, but it's there; An accusation of abusing children.

And as I've said yesterday, this isn't kind of rhetoric isn't just speaking generally about trans women; it also takes the form of 'in your face' personalized harassment that is directed towards individuals, a constant flow of sexualized accusations.

I'll reiterate that trans women face higher instances of sexual assault, and it shouldn't need saying that this sort of sexualized harassment is deeply upsetting and can even be retraumatizing for trans women on the receiving end of it. The cruelty of that abuse is abhorrent.

There's no dissuading them of this notion that we are all of us enacting a public fetish, there's no amount of calm discourse that will change their minds, because what you need to understand is, it doesn't matter to them if it's true or not; it matters that it is useful.

The utility of the rhetoric, not the truth, is what is important to them.

Listen to how they laugh, listen to how it's quipped about us identifying as Boeing 747s and the resulting laughter and applause. "The cruelty is the point" gets said a lot, but it's never been so evident.

All of this rhetoric is repurposed homophobia, it's nothing new. It's the same old Anita Bryant bullpucky they were saying about gay men, pulled out of the freezer and reheated in the microwave, served with a little pickle on the side.

And I know some people seem to be under the impression that TERFs really hate men, but they don't. Please don't conflate their transphobia and hatred of trans women with a hatred of men. Just disavow yourselves of that notion.

They call us men because they know it hurts.

They hate us because we are deviant, they hate us because a lot of them hold many other bigotries and prejudices and we are a group it is acceptable to publicly express hatred of, but most importantly, they hate us because we are trans. Please don't dilute that.

They are a hate group, their stated goal is to mandate us out of existence.

That same TERF from the video was invited to parliament, and used her pulpit to compare us to PARASITES. 

And I must reiterate this, they do not hate men.

Jeffreys was invited by a staunchly anti-LGBT, anti-abortion conservative MP.

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