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So fed up with this disinformation. The IEA is not a "think tank". It's a dark money lobbyist. @bbcpolitics knows this yet Edwards on TWICE yesterday. Complaints every day but zero response/accountability from BBC. Question: is there any way of getting it to uphold own charter???

Ok. Let’s list them here. This was Mark Litllewood of IEA on @BBCRadio4 yesterday. Talking about climate change! And as this guy points out...funded by BP. This is insane

Here’s she is again 2 days ago on @bbcnewsnight. The BBC is providing airtime for a big pharma PR telling us to break up the NHS! And presenting it as expert opinion on a news programme! This. Is. Nuts. It’s also totally against spirit of BBC charter

And here’s @bbcnewsnight 4 days ago...Shanker Singham on food standards. Which major US food supplier is not paying him?? Why would our national broadcaster give this PR guff airtime?? Why do we allow them to?

Thread went wrong so putting this here..

...& this is from November. @shahmiruk’s case proved all these lobbying groups are linked & @johnmcdonnellMP & others said we needed URGENT inquiry into their appearances on all broadcasters including @bbc. And the response? Nothing. Zilch. Total silence 

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