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🔥 Voting machine vendor ES&S publicly exposed encrypted employee passwords around the time of the 2016 election! "’This is the type of stuff that leads to a complete compromise, said @VickerySec of Upguard, which found the breach.

via @LuluFriesdat  1/

ES&S claims the passwords were “only” used to access ES&S’s leaked Amazon cloud account (which exposed voter data on 1.8 million registered Chicago voters) and that no unauthorized access to data or systems had occurred. But it did NOT explain how it reached this conclusion. 2/

According to a 2017 study, ES&S accounts for about 44% of US election equipment. (Note that this number does NOT include the many jurisdictions like GA that have contracts w/ ES&S re: equipment from Diebold, a related vendor that ES&S acquired in 2009.)  3/

Thus, ES&S’s influence over US elections is likely larger than 44%.) 4/

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