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Hey y'all, I'm sitting down in a little bit to chat with the extremely brilliant Saul Griffith of @otherlab. What should I ask him?

By the way, have you seen Otherlab's "super Sankey" interactive diagram of US energy use? It is amazeballs.  http://www.departmentof.energy/ 

Or if you prefer, here it is in one image.

Key to understanding decarbonization: to provide the exact same level of energy services, "a fully electrified energy economy using non-carbon fuel sources would require less than half of the total amount of energy we use today."  https://medium.com/otherlab-news/decarbonization-and-gnd-b8ddd569de16?sk=d8241fc601c8c92ba3e8bb718c05f06a 

"People will raise the specter of how we will pay for all of this. That is not the right way to think about it. Given the enormous cost savings from future efficiencies, the question should be 'how do we finance this slam-dunk investment?'" Yuuup.

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