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A huge problem with the cohort of people who've had type of success that leads to survivorship bias, is they implicitly trust & then amplify ideas from their network w/o conducting proper diligence (so assume it's correct). This is freq what leads to false/bad ideas being shared.

Seen this happen with everyone from Gates Foundation (they made a lot bad bets - too much $?) to VCs/retail investors and startup employees. Trusting our networks is a shortcut but it's not enough to be reliant on. You have to do the work yourself. Without that you're guessing.

It happens on social too in it's laziest form (people passing on ideas without verifying accuracy). Sharing ideas that are wrong "feels" even easier bc there's not direct $ or time on the line. But if you think about this your reputation costs a lot of time so actually it should.

Anyway. I'm bullish on trusting my network. But at this point, not without also doing really considered work on the ideas presented after. No one bats a 1000 and you can never fully know the context around why someone shared something (can freq be emotional). Sweat this stuff.

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