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Last night, a creepy woman who stalks me online kept trying to get my attention at a party.

It was hilarious, but also disturbing. Having this kind of behavior spill over into one's social life feels like an escalation.

Why is this happening to me? Here's a story.

Some time ago, a disabled combat veteran who goes by @iAmTheWarax decided to end his miserable marriage. He and his then wife had lived separate lives for years.

Much as his wife did, he flirted online. A woman he initially thought was cute & funny turned out to be disturbed.

Freshly separated from my own awful spouse, I had no interest in settling down. That changed when I met Warax/Matthew.

I had to disappoint several people in order to be with him. I'm glad they respected my decision.

But the disturbed woman Matthew rejected was different.

Unable to take no for an answer, she began a campaign of harassment and defamation against both Matthew & me.

Here is my first interaction with a journalist about her claims. I played dumb.

This was happening as I applied for a clearance, so you can imagine how furious I was.

I documented everything & publicly asked her to stop.

Instead, she dragged other people into her drama.

She claimed that Matthew was a sex offender who lied about his relationship status while defaming me to random individuals in the D.C. area and beyond as a kind of sport.

This bored insurance lawyer fell for the lies and tried to facilitate legal harassment against me

These tweets are about me & Matt

If the "spy" angle won't work, he's a "cheater" & she's a "homewrecker" will do — it's fun like Jerry Springer!

I bring up the insurance lawyer, because she was also at the party last night

@AllThingsCivil, it was very kind of you to hang back and not attempt to engage me in person

Ask @PaigeSpoonts about my stalker's respect for marriage. A better use of your time than subtweets.

Anyway, this creepy clownshow has gone on for over a year

This woman even makes fun of me, publicly, for writing an essay that talks about, among other things, the marital rapes I endured.

Of course, it gets much worse than veiled threats & insults on the internet.

This person inserted herself into @iAmTheWarax's divorce

Among the hundreds of pictures of my social media she sent to lawyers, a good chunk were photos of my underage son

She fixates on him, sometimes even publicly (seriously, who subtweets a kid? I mean anyone's kid here)

I have spoken to SOF veterans whom she tried to recruit to harass others. She uses pictures to entrap and embarrass men.

I have extensively spoken with two men, also military, whose reputations she tried to destroy after they rejected her. I'm sure there are more.

Her attempts get my attention last night were ghoulish

It struck me when the host APOLOGIZED to Matthew and me for the woman's behavior. Others noted it too.

You know what else struck me? Her confidence.

She felt OK to do that, in public. After all she's done. She won't stop.

The cops, naturally, can't help

She's smart enough to not make overt threats (her Twitter archive, particularly for spring 2018, contains death & arson threats, but she leaves her targets' names out).

Anything ever happens to me? Print this thread out and show it to the police.

Just to give you a sense of scale: What Nonya says happened must've actually happened about a year ago.

These tweets she did about Matt are from June 6, 2019.

It never ends. It's an obsession. Deep down, she probably thinks she can still be with him. That's how stalkers work.

Leaving this here.

A client of @SaruNinjaDesu just contacted me to tell me that she discusses @iAmTheWarax with her clients & makes ugly claims about him, parroting the claims of our stalker.

Guess this is still better than wishing death on him?!

I will keep adding information about our stalker's actions (all redacted, I don't want anyone threatened)

This guy has a point. If a man was doing this, many of you wouldn't be criticizing me for publicizing this

But it's a woman — who co-opts the language of social justice.

Yet she also capitalizes on homophobia to call @iAmTheWarax a "faggot." A Muslim woman in his orbit became "ISIS"

At the party last Friday, she even tried to humiliate Warax, who is disabled, for bringing his service dog

Weird? Bizarre? Sure. It's also no mere "internet drama"

To those of you saying, "Who cares! You're playing victim! Stop bringing it up!"

What are we supposed to do? The cops won't help so far

Based on her behavior on Friday, she *wants* us to get physical with her, so she can file assault charges. Of course we will do no such thing.

This has gone on since March 2018.

She's clearly emboldened, as evidenced by her actions last Friday. She even tried to take pictures of us. Why? To photoshop them later? I honestly have no clue.

I don't know what her encore is either.

This is a public record of her behavior.

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