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This is a dark scenario. If no one new stays NIMBYs here will simply continue to rent seek, we'll never fix housing/homeless problems & SF will remain broken. We need an actual community of people who want to stay, fix things & don't treat it as a business networking strip mine.

Note anyone who comes to SF to gain cred/build network are same robots who get on the FB/GBUS to go to work every day, never talk to their neighbors, walk around with airpods in 24/7, work 60-80 hours, image sculpt on LinkedIn and only 'engage with the underclass' while in Ubers.

These clowns. They're ones who give tech bad name & reason people "throw rocks at the GBUS." They're not part of our community and are transient and transnational. That said they also still shouldn't be exploited by incumbents. Bad blood both directions.

As note tech busses are actually green for the city (fewer cars) but when you see how people getting on/off act you understand why there's negativity. I used to ride them & when getting on at stop in quiet neighborhood 20-somethings were obnoxiously loud @ 6:30am. Zero awareness.

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