Leo Polovets @lpolovets General Partner @SusaVentures (seed investor in @RobinhoodApp & @Flexport). Before: @Caltech → 2nd non-founding engineer @LinkedIn → @Google → @Factual. Jun. 09, 2019 1 min read

Many apps have surprisingly poor UX on 1st use.

"Would you like to donate?" -> Not before trying the app!

"Would you prefer layout X or Y?" -> How should I know before seeing the app?

"Please fill out this form + connect 3 data sources" -> How do I even know if this is useful?

A user's first experience should be delightful, otherwise they're likely to churn forever. Instead, a lot of first experiences are confusing or downright frustrating. 🙄

Another ex:
- I visit a news site for the first time.
- I'm shown a pop-up that covers the content I hoped to read and tells me I must disable my ad blocker to see anything.
- Simulatenously, I get a Chrome pop-up asking if I want to opt-in for notifications from the site. LOL.

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