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I wonder how many people know Trump hired one of the men behind the invasion of Iraq, John Hannah, to his post-election transition team so that Hannah could meet with Nader—just arrested on child pornography charges—and Zamel (an Israeli intel expert) to discussing invading Iran.

(I mean, if you liked the invasion of Iraq that Trump complains about incessantly, you're going to *love* the invasion of Iran that Trump's team has been working on since mid-2016. The best part: when the war starts, Trump will reassure everyone that he's as surprised as anyone.)

My hope is that at least *one* Democrat will have the courage to read the *public reports* about Trump's pre- and post-election march to war in Iran and baldly say to the American people, "A vote for Trump in 2020 is a vote for another endless war in the Middle East. You decide."

(I can see it now: "You like *wars*? *Long* wars? *Long wars* in the *Middle East*? That eat up money that otherwise would've stayed in your pocket or paid for services for you and your family? And do you like being *lied to* about war? Then have I got the candidate for *you*.")

As ever, I'm just referring to news in the public record. I don't have a theory about these things: I have scores of major-media reports that most folks have forgotten or never read—through no fault of their own but because we're all busy. Part of what I do is find those stories.

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