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Fascism is extremely effective at undermining liberal institutions, and what just happened to @NSPCC is a perfect example of fascism in action. You could learn quite a lot about how fascists operate by what happened, and how quickly they destroyed a lot of faith in the NSPCC.

Now, I don't intend to take away from the fact that this was orchestrated to hurt Munroe Bergdorf specifically, she was not the only target. Hurting the credibility of the NSPCC was also part of the goal.

Religious fundamentalists have it out for them:

Fascists don't care it something is true, only if it is useful. And that's what we've seen here; a very quick, precise smear campaign to oust an LGBT rights advocate. The NSPCC aren't blameless here, they acted in a very rash, kneejerk way in complying with the whim of bigots.

But the resulting chaos? The NSPCC being left humiliated, trust that many people had in them shattered? That's part of the goal. Fascism is very effective and undermining liberal institutions, and they have been well and truly undermined.

None of this is to say NSPCC are free of wrongdoing, it's downright inept of them considering those "gender critical" types were trying to strip them of funding only 2 months ago. It's downright inept of them to have been fooled this time.

But fascism works quick. Fascists will adopt any pretence they need, or any position that is useful, in order to achieve their goals. And when the dust settles, the damage is done.

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