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D’Souza claimed there were no Republicans who owned slaves in 1860 and promised he’d have to “take it back” if anyone provided “one solitary” example.

Historians gave nine examples, but he hasn’t taken it back. Instead, he retweeted it again an hour ago.

Here are four Kentucky slaveowners in 1860 who were delegates to the 1860 Republican convention:

And here are five slaveowners from Missouri who were delegates to the 1860 Republican convention:

Oh, and add that to Francis Blair, the Maryland slaveowner who helped found the GOP and was a delegate to the 1860 convention too.

So that’s *ten* Republicans who were slaveowners in 1860 — and likely more from other border states.

No, this doesn’t change the fact that Democrats were overwhelmingly the party of slavery in 1860.

But it does show D’Souza’s claim of *zero* GOP slaveowners in 1860 is nonsense.

It’s a minor point, but D’Souza’s refusal to admit he was proven wrong and “take it back” — and even worse — his repetition of the lie long after it was roundly disproved shows how little he cares for the truth, if that wasn’t abundantly clear already.

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