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Nowhere in the U.S. is the tariff war with China having a more tangible impact than at the twin ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. The complex handles 47.5% of U.S. containerized trade with China—everything from toys to auto parts.  https://lat.ms/2ZcTMzR 

For more than a century, the twin ports have thrived. But since the Trump administration began slapping tariffs on Chinese products, the ports’ growth pattern has been upended.  https://lat.ms/2ZcTMzR 

Thousands of L.A. area companies are affected by the trade war. An executive at a ceramic tile retailer in Anaheim reported that sourcing from countries other than China would mean “discontinuing more collections than I would like to think about.”  https://lat.ms/2ZcTMzR 

Some predict that as the trade war escalates, the most economically vulnerable workers in the Southern California logistics industry will suffer.  https://lat.ms/2ZcTMzR 

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