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Welp we've annoyed both permabear and socialism Twitter today. The best part is you get comments from anonymous accounts who support both throwing ad-hominems in your feed for no reason. Because both of their track records are so good/that's what people with winning ideas do.

I think the real problem with both groups is they've spent so much time reading chin-stroking "thought pieces" on how the world is ending and don't know enough people working on actual innovation or seen enough 0 to 1 ideas happen to get what's going on.

Law 10: from @RobertGreene is good:

Avoid the unhappy/unlucky

When you suspect you're in the presence of an infector, don’t argue, don’t try to help, don’t pass the person on to your friends, or you will become enmeshed. Flee the infector’s presence or suffer the consequences.

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