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quick help i have too many ideas for my lightning talk tomorrow night (1/??)

* The Anarchist's Guide to Leadership
* A Non-Exhaustive List of Powers Wielded Exclusively by Non-Managers
* Everything Is Broken And That's Okay, Because Your Team Is A Distributed System Too

* Climbing Down the Ladder, Burning Down the House, and Other Humane Alternatives to Promotions
* Decoupling Advancement From Hierarchy
* Pathologies of Power
* Nonzero-sum Outcomes In Hierarchical Systems: Does Somebody Always HAVE To Lose?


* How to Always, Always Get Your Way (As An Individual Contributor)
* "Send Every CEO To Kink Camp": What Corporations Need To Learn From BDSM
* Servants, Absentees and Tyrants: Archetypes in Engineering Leadership


i also had a whole mythbusters idea for a series ...

* Mythbusters: Will Becoming A Manager Solve Any Of Your Actual Problems?
* Mythbusters: Which Role Makes Most People Happy? The Results Will Shock You
* Mythbusters: *IS* Failure An Option?


oh right if you want to come, it's in san jose tomorrow night at 7, register here.

it's at the velocity venue, but you DO NOT need to have a velocity ticket to attend. 

... also we just announced our other tech talk, by @lanooba, who will be talking about organizational changes and reorgs -- and how to do them with as little suffering as possible. plus @milesward's and my own. yay!

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